Multitouch PC Monitors

  1. 21.5 Multitouch PC Black Monitors
  2. 21.5 Yellow Multitouch PC Monitors
  3. 21.5 Multitouch PC White Monitors
  4. 21.5 Multitouch PC Green Monitors
  5. 21.5 Multitouch PC Ink Gold Monitors
  6. 21.5 Multitouch PC Silver Monitors
  7. 21.5 Multitouch PC Blue Monitors
  8. Yellow Multi Touch Screen Monitor
    Yellow Multi Touch Screen Monitor is a type of all in one screen which not only act as display but also has inbuilt complete computer assembly. It is completely suitable to be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. This monitor is comprised of several thin layers with two most important ones having very minute gap in between. It is operated by supplying a voltage to the one layer which is sensed by the other when pressed by finger touch.
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  9. 21.5 Multitouch PC Red Monitors
  10. 21.5 Multitouch PC Rose Gold Monitors
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