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Advertising Monitor

  1. Black Color Advertising Monitor

    Black Color Advertising Monitor is widely used for promotion and branding. Its body unit is black in color and is provided with a stand at its back for its firm standing. This monitor also find its application at airports, railway stations, and bus stands for showing details of arrival & departure of vehicles. It is known for producing high resolution images with excellent color quality.
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  2. White Color Advertising Monitor

    White Color Advertising Monitor is designed with high grade thermoplastic body with premium quality screen. It is utilized for showing stock market details, menus at food joints, restaurants & hotels and pizza parlors. This white colored monitor shows high quality 1080P HD images. It is also equipped with metallic stand at its body to assure its safe and secure standing. This monitor can also be connected to the internet for providing live updates. 
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  3. Local Gold Advertising Monitor

    Use of Local Gold Advertising Monitor is one of the best methods for reducing the cost of printed brochures, pamphlets and big menu posters. It is extensively utilized in coffee shops, pizza & ice cream parlors, and fast food joints for showing token number. This monitor also finds its application in clinics and hospitals for showing the sequence number of patients. It is provided with slots for connecting video, audio, & internet cables. 
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  4. Light Green Advertising Monitor

    Light Green Advertising Monitor finds its application in jewelry showrooms, mobile retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls as well. It is used for displaying malls architectural plan to allow visitors to find the shop easily that they are looking for and for scrolling different products a particular brand is selling. This monitor is highly appreciated for its eye captivating green color body with silver colored back stand.
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  5. Rose Gold Advertising Monitor

    Rose Gold Advertising Monitor is a type of output device which is connected to a server or CPU to show the desired information or data. It is made of a thin film transistor liquid crystal display having LED backlighting. For connecting with external source, this monitor is provided with ports for display, HDMI, DVI, and VGA. It is widely utilized in bars, box office for movie tickets and food joints for taking orders.
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  6. Blue Color Advertising Monitor

    Blue Color Advertising Monitor is used for digital promotion and branding of showrooms, shopping malls, and retail stores. It is used in different sectors for various purposes like digital marketing of products, showing departure and arrival information of trains, buses, & planes, and offices as well. This monitor can also be connected to internet for providing live updates of stock market. It works on the liquid crystal display technology and provides high resolution image quality.
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  7. Red Color Advertising Monitor

    Red Color Advertising Monitor can be connected to ad server to manage display content. It is made of TFT-LCD display with LED backlighting. This red colored monitor can also be switched into television by connecting with set top box. It is widely used in railway counters, hospitals, and government sectors for displaying remedies for the prevention & cure of various life threatening diseases.
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  8. Silver Color Advertising Monitor

    Silver Color Advertising Monitor is based on the latest technology design to assure high definition video quality. It is a type of tool that manages ads distribution throughout a platform. This monitor is coated with shiny silver color on its body and is provided with a back stand to assure its upright nature. It finds its application for corporate offices, multi-national companies, hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets as well.
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  9. Yellow Color Advertising Monitor

    Yellow Color Advertising Monitor is designed having inbuilt RAM, HDD, graphics chip, speakers, and ports for the attachment of external devices. It is widely used by fast food joint, pizza shops, coffee & ice cream parlors, and convenience stores for showing price of different items. This yellow monitor is known for having sharp & crystal clear image quality with high definition display. It is equipped with RGB vertical stripe pixel arrangement. 
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