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19" capacitive touch screen panel (4:3)

19" capacitive touch screen panel (4:3)
Product Code : FY-190IB025
Product Description

Our company is offering 19" Capacitive Touch Screen Panels(4:3) which are one of the best options as they allow easy operation just with your touch and there is no need of any external aid. They are extensively utilized by many advertising companies because of their performance and long lasting qualities. We have made them using the latest technology to provide you these astonishing products.  Also, they are available to you with numerous qualities. You can look at our latest range of 19" Capacitive Touch Screen Panels(4:3) that are available at reasonable prices.

东莞富元触控科技有限公司 DongGuan  AnyTouch technology Co. LTD
General Specification  产品规格
Item  é¡¹ç›® CONTENTS  å†…容 Unit 单位
Model 型号 FY-190IB025  
CTP size (inch) 英寸 19 Inch
Structure 结构 G+G  
Scale 比例 4:03  
Outline Dimension 外形尺寸 504.5*435.5 mm
View Area 可视区 378*303 mm
Sensor OD 功能片外形 395.32*321.06 mm
Active Area(W*L)动作区 380.32*305.06 mm
Sensor  thickness  ITO 厚度 1.1 mm
Cover Glass thickness 钢化玻璃厚度 3 mm
Thickness 产品厚度 4.3 mm
Cover  Color 盖板顔色  黑色  Black  
Interface Type 接口种类 USB  
IC Type  IC 型号 ICI2302P.C3.P2.V1 ILITek
Input force 输入外力 10 G
Linearity çº¿æ€§åº¦ +/-1 mm
Touch Life è§¦æ‘¸å¯¿å‘½ ≥350,000,000 times  
Maximum resolution æœ€å¤§åˆ†è¾¨çŽ‡ 4096×4096  
Surface hardness 表面硬度 ≥6H(750gf) Gf
Number of Touch point 触点数量 Max,10 points 点
 Humiture  温湿度  90%RH at 60℃  
Operation Temperature工作温度 -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ ℃
Storage Temperature 储存温度 -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ ℃
Light Transmittance 透光率 ≥85%  
Working Voltage 工作电压 5.0 VDC V
Power Consumption åŠŸçŽ‡æ¶ˆè€—  Active Mode:<30ma;Idle Mode:5mA<30MA  
Response 响应时间 ≤10ms Ms
Operation System 运行系统  Win7、Win8、Win10、Android、Lunix  
Oscillation Frequency æŒ¯è¡é¢‘率 12 MHz
Max Working frequency
100 MHz
Reading Speed è¯»å–速度 10PT : 80Hz  
Antistatic. Air discharge
Antistatic. Contact discharge
Adapter Ripple é€‚配器纹波 Vpp<50mv  
Maximum plate thickness (contact)最厚盖板厚度(触点) 8(10 PT) mm
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